“Several years ago I heard an interview with a woman who reported from some of the most dangerous and tragic places in the world. Places of war, famine and disaster. The interviewer asked her how she was able to continue to do such difficult work.
The reporter said that when she had a break she would go into cities and immerse herself in the museums and galleries and inoculate herself with beauty.

Inoculate herself with beauty.

For many years I have come to Highland County in the height of summer when it has gotten so hot and humid in Richmond that it is hard to do much outside. I have brought fellow artists and students and we are refreshed and renewed by the beauty of this place.
Whether we are painting directly from the views or are inspired by them it is wonderful to be working away on an image and to look up and see such peace and completeness.”

You can find this Art Exhibit by Jane Joyner and Friends at the Mountain View Room, Highland County Public Library, until the end of August 2016.

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