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Secrets, Celebrations and Mysteries

The four seasons we enjoy each year present us with a different set of elements – winter brings cold and snow, isolation and introspection, but it also brings us stark beauty, celebration and joy. Winter can be a mysterious time when the sky deepens to lavender and the evening shadows fall long through the bare trees in silver moonlight. We wonder where the spring peepers hide, why the sky seems so clear and the stars brighter.  Winter has secrets that once known continue to amaze  – sleeping bears give birth and suckle their young, bumblebee queens protected until spring in their tunnels, and trees dreaming under the stars while their roots communicate with the soil life. Humans climb on skis, sleds or skates to swoop, laughing, on frozen waters, keep the woodstove stoked, haul hay to livestock, build snowmen and snow angels, feast on garden goods carefully preserved, and after a while begin to long for spring. We celebrate many things in winter – Hanukah, Christmas, ‘Eid and Kwanzaa. Mummers and Morris Men dance, the Menorah candles shine, the fast is broken and everywhere people find reason to move into the new year refreshed. Singing joyfully and sharing time with neighbors and friends – winter can bring us together in special ways.

We all have our own sense of winter and each of these artists have brought you a bit of their sense of the season. In photographs, paintings, glass, fabric and the written word we can experience winter through someone else’s eyes. Be open to winter and embrace its gifts – perhaps something you see or read today will inspire you to unfurl the mysteries, appreciate the secrets and join in the celebration of this magical time, both in Nature and our hearts.


“The same law that shapes the earth-star shapes the snow-star. As surely as the petals of a flower are fixed, each of these countless snow-stars comes whirling to earth…these glorious spangles, the sweepings of heaven’s floors”       Henry David Thoreau


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