The paintings of Dolores Ellen Gutshall Helms:

Writers are always admonished to “write what you know”, and often artists will do the same. While you view these artworks, you may recognize scenes and subjects familiar to you – and that is precisely why Dolores painted them. These are the things that she loves – Little Valley, Bolar, and Mustoe, trees, flowers, birds, farms and farm animals. That she loves nature is very evident in her body of work where colorful native birds visiting her feeder might wind up on watercolor paper. Her beloved garden, in peaceful Little Valley, provided a nearly endless supply of beauty to paint, along with the dignified trees and wildflowers. Largely self-taught, Dolores began painting later in life and there is a clear progression in the work that you see here. Her eye for beauty and her talent for its portrayal came from her heart and where she called home. Dolores is a native of Highland County . She currently resides in Staunton to be near her family.

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