The Monday Art Group presents “A Few of Our Favorite Things,” an art exhibit on display now through March at the Highland County Public Library.


The community of artists who contributed to this show were asked to select a favorite piece they have worked on during this past year and to share with you what makes it special for them.  Some of the works are complete and some are in progress, but all are special.  The creative process differs not only with the artist, but with the inspiration and the medium.  The evolution of a creative idea keeps us constantly working and learning.  Really, everyone is an artist.  You may not think that your creations are art – but they are.  A beautifully prepared meal, a neatly stacked woodpile, a carefully tended flower garden, a well-tied trout fly, or the wall of family photographs arranged just so – this can be your art.  There can be a profound satisfaction to a completed work – either symmetry, color, fulfilled purpose or the smile it brought to someone else.  As you look at these artworks on display, think about the words of the artists.  Why are certain works that you do especially pleasing to you?  What work do you see here that makes a connection to you or how you think or feel?  There is beauty all around us – to see, to enjoy, to make and to appreciate.

“The artist is not a special kind of person; rather each person is a special kind of artist.”
Ananda Coomaraswamy

List of Participants
 Elizabeth McClung
 Renee Vandevander
 Amy Baird Middleton
 Tate Dunn
 Liz DeVenny
 Ginny Neil
 Suse B. Field
 Angelika R. Levien
 Ann Wefer
 Lee Brauer
 Susan Blanchard
 Susan Applegate
 Debbie Stephenson
 Janice Estrada
 Bonnie Baxley
 Clayton Shell
 Sara Bell
 Judy Skeen
 Barbara Hevener
 Larry Hough
 Liz Delahoussaye
 Donna Bedwell
 David Blanchard

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