Membership: The Arts Council’s annual meeting was on December 3 at 5:30.  A slate of officers was presented.  The annual solicitation for members and contributions began last month.   

Auditorium Improvements: The Arts Council has invested its funds in significant improvements to the Center’s sound system.  Thanks to Gary Kirby, the space can fully support both spoken and musical performances.  His work on the acoustics and now the equipment will be followed by a series of workshops to train others to use the system. 

Second Saturday at Seven: The December performance is Exchange of Gifts by Dwayne Yancey.  According to the playwright, the play is “about three college students — one from Australia, one from Canada, one from Russia, all strangers to one another, who find themselves snowbound in a U.S. airport, unable to get home for Christmas. It’s appropriate for all ages. “  Yancey, the father of Highland resident Rain Hupman, is a successful playwright who has been produced across the US and in other countries.

The month will also include a violin/cello recital on Saturday, Dec. 21 at 7 -pm at the Highland Center.  Rachelle Hunt, violin, is a member of the Frankfurt Radio Orchestra in Frankfurt, Germany and Katie Tertell, cellist, has been a member of the RTE Symphony in Dublin, Ireland. Katie is now free-lancing in Europe. They are former orchestra students of Gretta Sandberg.  at the Highland Center at 7:00 p.m. On their recital, they will perform a world premier of British composer, Mark Boden.

Little Swiss Fund Grant:  The Council received a $2000 grant from the Little Swiss Fund.  This will allow a small fee to Gary Kirby who will lead a set of interns through learning how to technically support performances at the Highland Center and in the use of the equipment the Council has secured for the auditorium space.  The grant will also allow for small stipends to the interns.

Art Exhibits at the Library: ART SHARE: What We Love You May Love, Too.  Art is a fundamental expression of humans – from the earliest cave paintings to the most modern digitally generated images. You most likely have art in your own home – depicting people you love, places you have been, activities that you enjoy, nature, pottery, stained glass, fiber art and the endless, expressive possibilities of the human spirit. Each of the pieces in the December exhibit normally grace the walls in the homes of people who enjoy art – either to create it or simply appreciate it.  In the spirit of the season, they agreed to share their favorite pieces.

Highland Arts Academy – The planning for the 2020 Arts Academy is in full swing. Due to the success and local support of the 2019 workshops, we are expanding with more workshops and an added week next summer.  Mark your calendars now for July 26 – August 7 for some creative learning in the tranquil environment of Highland County. Workshops will include basketry, barn quilt painting, pottery, stained glass, painting with wood (marquetry), eco dying and fiber art, and photography. A workshop gift certificate would be a great holiday gift.

Ukulele Workshop – Are you interested in learning to play the Uke?! A workshop is being planned for January and would be held one night a week for 4 weeks. Ukuleles can be provided. Let us know your interest by emailing

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