Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Great art inspires us, brings us together, and teaches us about ourselves and the world around us.  It excites our imaginations, expresses our emotions, and expands our perspectives.  In short, art enriches our lives.

As members of the Highland County Arts Council, our duty is to ensure that the arts flourish in our community.  We aim to make the arts accessible by providing opportunities in which anyone can participate, observe, or experience art being created.  From art shows and photography classes to musical performances and theatrical productions, the Arts Council offers a variety of activities for the whole community to enjoy.

Many of our programs and events are a result of your financial support.  Because of your generosity, we are able to provide children with outstanding school performances and enhance their lives with summer art, drama, and strings programs.  We are able to assist with arts-related field trips and award scholarships to high school seniors planning to major in the fine arts.  By investing in our youth, you can be assured that your donation will be used to keep the arts alive in our community for years to come.

In addition to serving our youth, the Arts Council sponsors local cultural events that everyone can appreciate.  You can view magnificent art work and meet your favorite local artists in the Mountain View room at the public library.  Or create your own masterpiece during Artist’s Weekend.  Enjoy an evening of beautiful music at the Garth Newel student concert or the Highland County Friends of Garth Newel concert.  Capture the splendor of Highland and share it with friends during Photography Weekend.  Indulge yourself in captivating theatrical performances starring your most beloved local personalities during the Maple Festival and at the conclusion of summer drama camp.  Express your innermost thoughts or sit and enjoy as local poets describe the world vividly through their eyes at our new Patio Poetry readings.  We truly have something to offer everyone!  Find out more about our upcoming programs and events by visiting our facebook page,, or our website,

We are proud to offer high-quality cultural and artistic experiences to our community.  But, of course, we cannot do it without your help!  Your financial support and your participation are vital to the success of our organization.  We welcome your ideas and encourage you to attend our annual membership meeting.  Please consider contributing this year and keep the arts alive in Highland County.


Jason Canze, president

HCAC Membership Form