Patio Poetry – Winter Edition

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Three local writers shared their poetry at the Arts Council’s second poetry event on February 19, 2016, to a small but appreciative audience: Annette Naber, Judy Skeen, and Renee Vandevander. Following the scheduled program, one brave audience member read his poems at the open mic.

Each writer had a distinct and unique style but one theme bound them all together: a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of Highland County. Here is one poem from each of the evening’s featured poets.

Annette Naber

Annette Naber

Full Moon
Luna, Silver Moon,

She who swells oceans
into frothy frenzy
then calms them
with a lullaby.

She who cajoles
seeds deep in soil
to sprout green telescopes
into the unknown above.

She who summons
the adventurer and the dreamer
across the seas, across the skies
to new lands and new lives.

She who speaks a language so ancient,
few translators
are left alive.

Luna, Silver Moon,

tonight, again,
you imprint your perfect fullness
and your sweet, insistent light
onto the darkest corner of my
ancestral memory.


Judy Skeen

Judy Skeen

A lonely time it was….
And on the mountain.
The wind, like the breath of a witch
came with the dark
and blew through the gate.
And the wind
called my name
and so I stepped forth,
singing my own song…
stepped right up to the tree
where the owl waited.
And then, we both were
lit by the moon’s light
and while we waited
the wind said a single word…

Renee Vandevander

Renee Vandevander

City Shopping

The oxen strain like great heaving hills
Of red and white and black,
Heavy legs lifting heavy hooves
That crush the rock and twig and leaf
Into fine brown powder
That wisps its way to the boots
Of the man driving the buckboard
With his wife beside him
And five children behind them
With the sixth hidden beneath its
Mother’s gingham bodice.

The turns bend and curl like the horns
Of an old ram,
While the mountain rears up
Reaching full height at the
Horse-shoe turn
And bucking back down
The other side.

It’s a three day journey,
Excluding rock slides,
Inclement weather
And illness.
It’s not a journey that’s taken often.
Once, twice a year.
Just enough to remind them
That the world stretches further
Than the holler they were born in.

Second “Patio Poetry” Night + Open Mic

Second “Patio Poetry” Night + Open Mic

  • Friday, Feb. 19
  • Highland Inn at 7:00 p.m.
  • $3 cover charge

It’s here again! Poetry from the people of Highland! This time we will definitely be indoors, but the ambiance will be perfect to fight off those winter blues!

The second “Patio Poetry” event will be held on Friday, February 19 at the Highland Inn at 7:00 p.m. The poets participating are Judy Skeen, Annette Naber and Renee Vandevander. There will also be some time for an open mic for anyone interested in stepping up to the microphone and sharing their poetry with us. With “goodies” baked by Melissa Moyers, you don’t want to miss this event!

There will be a $3 cover charge to help cover expenses. Free will donations of any amount are always appreciated.

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