Dear Lover of the Arts,

Over the last 30  years, the Highland County Arts Council has, with your help, brighted life in Highland by presenting a variety of musical performances in the schools and at the Highland Center, conducting workshops in drama, visual arts, and crafts, exhibiting the work of local and regional artists and investing in the infrastructure of the Highland Center Auditorium.  All of this was possible because of your personal support for the arts and the activities of the Arts Council.  We thank you and are indebted to you.

At its annual retreat in February 2019, the Council met to consider its long-range plans.  It quickly became obvious that the success of the last decades had opened the door to a new possibility: “To Make Highland County an Arts Destination.” To that end, the Council began to craft an agenda to take possession of the future.

In the last eight months, the Arts Council has:

  • Established The Arts Academy and mounted three week-long workshops with local and national participants during the summer of 2019
  • Scheduled the monthly performance series Second Saturday at Seven
  • Supported performances at the Highland Schools
  • Organized the art and photography competition and exhibition at the Highland County Fair
  • Hosted the annual Artists’ Weekend and exhibition/sale with the greatest number of artists ever
  • Presented exhibitions of local and regional arts at the Highland County Library
  • Redesigned the Council’s website
  • Invested in additional sound equipment for the Highland Center
  • Partnered with the Chamber of Commerce to have free entertainment at the Hands and Harvest and Maple Festivals
  • Gained recognition from the Virginia Commission for the Arts with an operational grant.
  • Received a Virginia Tourism Corporation grant to promote Highland County Arts across the state.
  • Proposed and received grants to support performances at the Highland Center

To continue this work, we need your help in our quest to “make Highland County an arts destination.”  Specifically, we need to move forward to:

  • Complete the upgrades in the Highland Center Auditorium
  • Train local residents in the use of the lighting and sound equipment at the Center
  • Engage more local talents in presentations at the Center
  • Promote local housing and businesses as part of ‘Arts Destination’ tourism
  • Increase partnerships with non-profits and the local governments

Please join in achieving the goals “to promote the arts, to provide cultural enrichment for the community, and to make Highland County an arts destination.”

Your support is vital.


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