Many of the activities supported by the Highland County Arts Council are only possible with the help of volunteers. Most activities are of short duration and occur monthly or annually. Please consider joining one of the Council’s Directors to make an Arts Council event possible.

Second Saturdays at 7

Technical volunteers: To help set up and take down stage and seats. Requires physical strength. Scheduling is flexible. Contact Jason Canze at jcanze@highland.k12.va.us

Performance volunteers: To sell tickets, greet audience, hand out programs and help with occasional receptions. Contact Caroline Smith at carolineanddoug@htcnet.org


Art and Photography at the Highland County Fair

Volunteers are needed to register entries, hang the exhibit, and close the exhibit.

Contact Renee Vandevander at vandevanderrb7620@gmail.com

Highland Arts Academy

Volunteers need to distribute information about the academy, register participants, help arrange events during the academy, set up the exhibits and reception at the conclusion of the Academy.

Contact Donna Bedwell at donnabedwell@gmail.com

All Events

Volunteers are needed to take photographs for our website and other publicity. Photographers will be thanked by name.

Contact Jason Canze at jcanze@highland.k12.va.us

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